How To Visit The Landmarks Of Cairo In Two Days?

Cairo is one of the largest and most important capitals in the Middle East. Whether you are an Egyptian living in Egypt and want to rediscover the capital during your weekly holiday, or a tourist visiting the charming city, go to the first step to learn how to visit Cairo’s main tourist attractions in just two days of time.

First day

The Religious Complex in Ancient Egypt. Let the beginning of your program embrace the three main religions. The mosque is located in the FUSTAT area of ancient Egypt, where three main landmarks meet the three monotheistic religions: the AMR IBN AL-AAS Mosque (the oldest in Egypt and Africa and the fourth mosque built in Islam), as well as ancient Coptic monuments such as the Hanging Church, Babylon Fortress, The Coptic. All this along with the famous Jewish temple.

Go to Saladin Castle. Where the prestige and exciting history, the castle of the mountain – as it is called – in the area of the castle was established on a high hill at Mount Mokattam near Salah Salem Road. The castle is one of the finest medieval fortresses ever constructed.

the second day

See the three pyramids of Giza. You cannot miss a few months in Egypt: Pyramids of Giza, which is located on the Giza plateau in the west of the Nile. Worth the three pyramids (KHUFU, KHAFRA, MUNKRAA), one of the Seven Wonders of the World, visit no doubt, and you must take commemorative photos there. In addition to the three pyramids, you will also see a Sphinx guard for the tombs of the Three Kings over time.

Go to the Egyptian Museum. Complete your morning in the same manner in the museum located in the heart of the Egyptian capital in Tahrir Square. It contains many diverse monuments, numbering more than fifty thousand and one hundred thousand artifacts that reflect all stages of ancient Egyptian history. This landmark was my favourite out of all when I traveled here on business. sent me here to do a documentary!

It is time to enjoy the view of Cairo from the highest tower in Cairo. The Cairo Tower is located on the quiet Zamalek Island, which has beautiful green spaces, the largest area in the heart of the concrete capital, and has a height of eighty-seven hundred feet. It is advisable to go up in the morning to enjoy a better view of the capital, which lies on the Nile.

We are now at the end of the second day and the end of the journey; there are two options that can be done either or both depending on the time you have:

  • Enjoy a Nile cruise. Where one of the sailboats or yachts can be rented in the areas overlooking the Nile in central Cairo, for example, the area of ​​the Qasr El Nil bridge and the Dokki district, where the anchors of the famous hotels overlooking the Nile. The duration of the trip maybe two hours or more depending on what you want.
  • Go to visit one of the major malls. You can shop, watch a movie in the cinemas or dine at one of the famous luxury restaurants in malls

Palawan Paradise: The Best Things to See and Do

Everyone takes notice when you’re not only considered but named one of the world’s best islands by leading and famous travel magazines. Who can blame or even contest the honor and recognition the Travel & Leisure magazine bestowed to the Philippines island of Palawan for being the world’s “best island?” Palawan is one of the most beautiful and wonderful places in the world. The thin, long island boasts of a diverse landscape, beautiful nature and wildlife as well as a unique atmosphere. The whole island features pristine beaches, karst cliffs, rainforests, beautiful coral gardens and reefs, majestic mountains, colorful marine life, and primitive caves. The Palawan island is a must visit destination for the global traveler. 

Virgin Beaches

If you’re looking to escape reality for a couple of weeks, the incredible while sand beaches in this paradise have got you covered. It’s even more exciting to know that only a fraction of the pristine beaches on the island are known to the masses. That means you can have all the rest for yourself. El Nido Marine Reserve is not only Philippine’s largest wildlife preservation area but a hidden gem with glorious beaches that feature an extraordinary natural scenery. Be sure to explore the amber-toned Nacpan Beach, north of El Nido as well as the Long Beach in San Viecente. The Calamian Islands also feature incredible beaches. 

Diving and Snorkeling

You’ll find some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving sites in the world here on this paradise. Coron Island is home to pristine dive sites with beautiful reefs and a rich marine life, making the place a haven for scuba divers. Divers will also have a good time exploring the Japanese shipwrecks around the area. The Tubbataha Reef National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also a haven for diving as it encompasses a rich and diverse marine life as well as some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. 

Island Hopping

There’s no better way to explore the Palawan Island that trying your hand at El Nido Island hopping. El Nido features a beautiful island surrounding which makes it the pinnacle and highlight of every Palawan vacation. No one ever gets bored as they make their way between glorious white sand beaches and beautiful lagoons. It’s one of the most exciting and magical experiences anyone can have on earth. Why not unplug yourself from the world and experience a multiday expedition, exploring beautiful remote islands under the stars, in seclusion, far away from crowds?


There’s no way you’re going to separate this paradise with its amazing culinary experience. The island’s tourism wagon, local culture, and diet are firmly hitched to the sea. You better get on that island-hopping tour ready to gorge on repasts of seafood including red snapper, mussels, prawns, and crab. Don’t miss out on the dinner options in remote fishing communities across the island. 

Sea Kayaking

Located towards the North of Palawan Island, Miniloc Island allows travelers to stay in cottages and rooms right on the water. The island’s location makes it easier for guests staying in the El Nido resorts to come and explore the ragged limestone cliffs, beautiful lagoons, majestic mountains, and calm crystal clear sea waters on the island. Kayaking through the Small and Big Lagoons here is exciting as you get to paddle around the island, fishing for your food and enjoying the wonderful scenery. Consider taking a multi-day expedition.